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The seventies were not just a continuation of the sixties. On the contrary, they surpassed them greatly.
69 l’année érotique, the High Mass of flower power, gave birth to a decennium of musical creativity. Musical styles magically transformed into new, unheard of genres, leading to a melting pot of delightful folly: from rock ‘n roll and pop came glam-rock, hard-rock and punk. Soul became funk, philly sound and disco, even in French!
Parties in the seventies were a unique experience. Everything was allowed, all musical styles heated the dancefloor together, underneath dancing feet wrapped in platform shoes. What a time!
Where’s the time of vinyl singles and silly stationcalls enveloped in echo and delay “Do you remember this oneoneoneoneone…”? That era when everyone on the dancefloor sang along while playing air guitar and imitating Studio 54 dance moves. A time of pure pleasure and open mindedness. A time of classics, songs that remain and that can bring everyone to the dance floor… Saturday night fever!
The Pop Collection brings back those times, the music, the moves, the outfits, the stationcalls, the soapbubbles, pyrotechnics, the full monty, the best party in town!

Top notch musicians who lost their hearts to the seventies play to make you dance:
Xandee  (Eurovisiesongfestival 2004 / touch Of Joy )        - vocals
Jimmy     (The Voice 2016)                                                   - vocals
Rudolf (Pop in Wonderland)                                                 - guitar & theremin
Wouter (Berlaen)                                                                  - bass & vocals
Stef (Yevgueni)                                                                      - drums & vocals
Jorg (Xansation)                                                                    - guitar & vocals
Jan (Incredible Time Machine)                                              - keyboards

Put on your dancing shoes, hit the dancefloor and move to legendary floorfillers from The Bee Gees – Rod Stewart – Donna Summer – Barry White – Stevie Wonder – The Rubettes – The Sweet – Blondie – Kiss – Queen – Meat Loaf – Bonnie Tyler – The Jacksons – Steppenwolf – Shocking Blue – Michel Delpech – Plastic Bertrand – Kool & the Gang – Fleetwood Mac – Iggy Pop – The Ramones – Deep Purple – Billy Joel – Bruce Springsteen – Jacques Dutronc - Cheap Trick - The Monkees – France Gall – Tavares – Sheila & the Black Devotion – Grace Jones  and many more!

The Pop Collection: no beatin’ ‘bout the bush, groove to the beat!

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