APPARAAT is an electro rock band from Antwerp. Their name is Dutch for electronic device, so chances are that they will literally  shock you. Their statically loaded sound can have the impact of a lightning strike. They leave you behind blackened and smouldering. 

The group consists of Bart Willems (vocals, guitar), Rudi Mertens (bass) and David De Smet (synths). They regenerate dark sounds from the past and point them to the future. The connoisseur will  recognize influences of their favourite acts in the sound of APPARAAT (eg. Bauhaus, early Simple Minds, Soft Moon, Fad Gadget ). 

APPARAAT is a fierce group, with piercing guitars, atmospheric synths and a throbbing bass. And with the cool yet pensive emotion of Willems’ voice and lyrics. During performances, "loud" is their motto, but their demo also shows a more subtle side. 

APPARAAT wear their influences with pride, transforming them into something fresh and exciting. They use old sounds to create something completely new. And with the world once again on the brink of collapse, these gloomy but bright tones and dark yet sardonic lyrics are 100% relevant!

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