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Wow, the first two years of The 5 AM have been quite a ride! A mind blowing story that goes beyond that strong musical chemistry, in the studio and on stage! These five guys also found each other in their crazy, ambitious ideas to get their music heard: a gig in the sky in Belgium’s biggest hot air balloon (national TV news item), two songs in the Hollywood film 'What Happened Last Night' (national news item again), another song in a US sitcom, an Acte de Presence at the famous Cannes Film festival, contender for an Academy Award nomination ‘Best Original Song’ (national news item another time), being the FIRST Belgium band to feature in a full blog post on and last but not least, their debut album Free released!

Fresh rock 'n roll with a voice that echoes the great rock 'n roll singers, powerful grooves and catchy guitar licks! The 5 AM is flying high with their impassioned, vibrant live shows: a 1500+ audience show at the VERSUZ Hasselt, mainstage host and co-headliner at the AFTRSUN Festival, a show at the main square of their hometown Aarschot, a two hour outdoor show at minus 8 degrees Celsius and their album release show which led to a very favorable review in Frontview Magazine, reckognizing the band for the song quality, attitude and entertainment: The 5 AM knows how to throw a rock 'n roll party!

The band gained international exposure when the band was selected Featured Artist and Selected Talent on, propelling The 5 AM to the top of the rankings with 8 million artists, labels and fans in 150 countries worldwide. Amongst them was film director Candice T. Cain. She invited the band to write a song for her film ‘What Happened Last Night', starring media personality Amber Rose, David Otunga (The Call), Alix Kermes (Gilmore Girls), Clayton Snyder (Lizzy McGuire) & Shelley Regner (Perfect Pitch 1 & 2). The 5 AM was invited for the screening of the film at the Cannes Film Festival and played an acoustic set for the actors, actresses and crew. In December 2016 the news broke that the song Runnin’ Runnin’ by The 5 AM made it to the shortlist for the Oscars 2017 to be considered for nomination for ‘Best Original Song’ wich is the very first time  for a Belgian band !

The 5 AM's debut album Free, containing live sessions, recorded and mixed in the ACE Studio in Belgium, was released on May 28th, 2016. Although the band aimed for a strong live feel and no singles were intended, the songs Free and Lights Closing Down received airplay on US radio stations. Lights Closing Down features in the first episode of the US TV sitcom 'New Dogs, Old Tricks'.

The first single of The 5 AM will be recorded in 2017.

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